Friday, 1 December 2017


Deep snow ptarmigan photography
Coire an Lochain at first light
Ptarmigan preening
Deep snow, hard work. A team heading up the hill
Christian making his own chair
It's getting busy

Red Grouse, no camouflage!
The Happy Team
Plenty of ptarmigan
Manfred, Christian & Otto from Switzerland were out with me today on one of my Wildlife Photography Workshops in The Cairngorms. They specifically wanted to capture the ptarmigan in their winter plumage. Originally they contacted me for some info on best places to see these wonderful birds. After several email exchanges they thought it may be a good idea to hire a guide to find the best locations to photograph them. We set off at first light this morning. From the Coire Cas carpark at it was hard work trail breaking in the deep, unconsolidated snow. Over the last couple of days there has been plenty of snowfall and strong winds. It usually takes around one hour to my favourite spot and most reliable place for the ptarmigan. Not today. It took at least double that time to wade up  toward the Northern Corries. We had some good sightings of 3 or 4 birds and the guys were happy to turn around and head back down the hill. But I persuaded them to persevere and sure enough, 20 minutes later we saw a whole gang of ptarmigan. Many in  pure white plumage, which was what Manfred especially wanted to capture! The guys we're chuffed and happy chappies. To top the day off we had a gang of Snow Bunting down at the carpark.
The skiing started up on Cairn Gorm  a couple days ago and the car park was almost full with skiers when we got back.
The temperature rose  through the day. Slightly milder tomorrow too so that will do the consolidation process a world of good. Winter continues.....

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