Saturday, 27 January 2018


The Grey Corries from Cruach Innse
Today was a very different picture after yesterday's amazing weather, snow conditions and views on The Ben. Gone were the blue skies, temperature inversion, cold and windless conditions. Mark had booked onto another of my CMD-Ben Nevis guided trip. Unfortunately high winds of between 60-70mph winds or more put that idea to bed. The Atlantic front also brought in much milder temperatures, although it did cool down late afternoon. So it was Plan E or somewhere around that level. Mark had previously been on one of my winter skills weekends plus another 5 day winter course. With this in mind we headed to a reasonable snowy area where we could go through some security on steep ground scenarios. We stayed away from the big hills and went onto the north side of Cruach Innse. This fab Corbett lies just to the east of the Grey Corries and is an attractive, rugged hill. We got some kind of shelter from the worse of the gales and could move quite well at times. You have to take the rough with the smooth. Today was rough. A distinct lack of photos on this one but the wee video gives a taste.

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