Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Front pointing up fabulous snow
The cliffs of Coire an Lochain
Enjoying the cliffs
Bit windy here!
The Couloir
Some clear skies
Great place
Loving it
Another superb day for snow and ice conditions in The Cairngorms. When the snow is firm and your ice axe just cuts into it like a knife, how better can it get? Day 2 with Eva & Marnix. We walked into a very quiet Coire an Lochain. It was windy from the start but we enjoyed dry conditions and clear tops all day. There is hardly any snow below 800m but the coire's are a winters dream. Crampons on and we were front point up some very nice slopes. We got a little shelter underneath the big crags but it was still blustery and having crampons on in fabulous hard snow meant we didn't get blown over :) . We went through moving up steep ground, traversing and descending. Eva did all the navigation today. Towards the end of the afternoon we headed up the Twin Burns to see how strong the winds actually were. They were stronger than yesterday, for sure. Nudging up to 70mph in the gusts. A great couple of days and super folk to have out on the hill. More snowfall to come this week. Along with even stronger winds on Thursday! Winter continues.....

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