Saturday, 3 November 2018


Difficult walking at 600m

One of the calmer moments

battling against the gales

Into the calm of the trees
We've enjoyed 7 days of fine wintry conditions with some beautiful sunshine this last week in the Highlands. All that came to an abrupt end today. A sharp rise in temperatures has the Atlantic weather front brought warm air to our shores. Along with the mild temperatures came the gales.  With a forecast of 70+mph winds on the high tops we decided to stay at lower altitudes this morning .
Euan was out on his second day of his 2 day winter course. Navigation was the order of the day. The most important hill skill, summer and winter. We worked on the ground above Lochan na Binne.  The hills here are featureless and pathless so perfect for map reading skills. Even at 600m we were being hit with 60-70mph constant winds. Coping with walking in a straight line in these conditions is bad enough. Having to read a map and take compass bearings add to the fun! A massive rainbow seemed to be with us for most of the day, beautiful. In the afternoon we decided to do some navigation and orientation lower down in the Rothiemurchus forest. A wonderful respite from the gales. Some under-used trails make for good navigation on our route back up to the Ciste carpark.
A top two days out and a huge contrast in weather for Euan. Colder conditions by the end of next week. Winter will be back soon.

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