Thursday, 15 November 2018


I'm ready! Where's he snow?
Clouds breaking at 1pm

Nice afternoon

Windy on the tops!
Looking a bit wet

Never mid, soon be snowing
Pathetic temperatures for mid November. It was into double figures last night in Strathspey! Today, the same. A thick layer of cloud covering the Northern Corries this morning. Challenging conditions in the strong winds, then it started raining. Not ideal conditions for wildlife photography but by mid day it dried up and it was sheltered in certain areas in the corries. Right on cue I found several pairs of ptarmigan sheltering amongst the boulders. They're almost in their winter plumage so not too difficult to spot in the gloom of the coire. With no one around it made life easier too and they were settled nicely for plenty of time to capture a few half decent images. Thankfully it's due to go to normal November temperatures early next week with some light snow forecast over the Cairngorms. Winter is on hold but it will be back very soon! Until then enjoy the warm sun!

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