Saturday, 29 June 2019


The team on Aiguillete de Posettes 
Mont Blanc from Col de Balme 

Aiguille de Verte

Trient Glacier from Tseppes Alp
St. Brunos Lilly 

Mont Blanc & Aiguille Rouge 

Stunning views again
Good to get out of the valleys and trees today. The Swiss bit of the TMB isn't my favourite to be honest. We we're back over the border and into France again. A far more interesting route to gain Col de Balme is via the Tseppes Alp and traverse around the Croix de Ferr summit.  Apart from giving spectacular views of the Trient Glacier it is very, very quiet.  Tseppes Alp always reminds me of how the Alps used to be. A remote, high alp with no road or track access. The Refuge at Col de Balme is getting a face lift with a new roof being constructed at the moment. Great to see new guardians here since last summer.  After lunch the team and I wondered over the Aiguillete de Posettes ridge for more stunning views.  Highlight here was a beautiful Snow Finch on the crags. Another scorcher of a day. Wall to wall sun and temperatures into the 30's for the 8th day of this trek.

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