Sunday, 30 June 2019


Mont Blanc from the Lac de Cheserys 

On the Ladders above Argentiere 

Mont Blanc and Chamonix 

Aiguillete de Argentiere & Mont Blanc 

Louise & Andrew at Lac Blanc 

Queues at the Ladders 

Refuge Lac Blanc open this season 

Aiguille Rouge 

Lac Blanc snow

Looking down to Le Tour 
The finish!

10 days of trekking across The Alps finished today. The final stage of the TMB has an exciting section just above the treeline,  direct from Argentiere. A hood area for ibex too, but None today. Maybe it was because of the amount of folk on the trail? TMBers and the annual Chamonix Marathon that came through. Our high point today is Lac Blanc.  Good to see the refuge at the Lac is open again this season. The final climb over and then  a long, hot descent all the way back to Chamonix.  The Flegere cablecar is getting a complete replacement so no easy lift back down this summer.
Well done to Louise, Lucy, Geoff & Andrew. 10 days of trekking,  tackling the high options on all days in very hot conditions throughout. We we're finished between an hour and two hours earlier than the 'normal' every day. Not a single blister and fun group to be with. Just goes to show you don't need to live near mountains to complete the Tour du Mont Blanc. Fabulous effort. Well done.

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