Saturday, 28 March 2020


Loch Garten
Our world has certainly changed during recent tragic events. Especially so if you enjoy the freedom we have in the UK to venture into the outdoors without any restrictions. We should be thankfull that even with this 'lockdown' in place we are still allowed 'excercise' outside every day. Living on the doorstep of the massive Cairngorms National Park it is so very nice we can walk or bike from our house and soon be into some beautiful woodland or very quiet areas. Here's a few photos taken from this week, all travel was by foot or bike from the house and all within a very short time/distance from Aviemore. No car or any other form of motorised transport was involved. By the way I detest the actual word 'lockdown'. I shall from now on refer it to 'restricted' activity.


Having a snack

I had a nice road bike ride through the Rothiemurcus and Abernethy forests. Stopping through a breather I spotted the beautiful wee Treecreeper bird. This fascinating Passerine lives mainly off insects and caterpillars that are in the crevesses of trees. It 'creeps' up the tree bark looking for its meal. They are usually so fast and rarely stay still that I have never got a decent image of one. Until last Tuesday. Brilliant.
Greylag Geese


There's so much to see even on your bike, if you take time to keep your eyes peeled.
Off road and onto tracks we also have some great mountain biking trails which are easily accessible from the front door of the house.
Spring clean for the mountain bike

Ready for action
This weeks weather has been quite dull and under a High pressure system for much of the time. Relitively mild conditions and light winds.

Northern Cairngorms from The Burma Road
It was nice to see the Mountain Hare just at the roadside on The Burma Road. A great mountain bike ride up from Aviemore. I can be at the summit of the track in an hour from the front door.
Burma Road Hare
On Saturday it was definitely a bit chillier. Northerly winds bringing the temperatures on the high Cairngorms down to minus 5 C.
A nice bike ride up Glenfeshie on the road bikes again. A strong Northerly wind on the return with hail and snow for a time. A reminder it is definitely still winter up on the mountains.
Back on the road

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