Saturday, 21 March 2020


Perfect isolation,  East Greenland 
We have all been and continue to be affected by recent events, including Tarmachan Mountaineering. The last couple of days I have had to make difficult decisions, but the right ones. I have cancelled or offered alternative dates for all my bookings on courses up to the beginning of May. The situation will be reviewed in the coming weeks.
I am not a big business, I don't have any indoor facilities and my group sizes are mostly small. I feel it is the correct thing to do.
If everyone has the same attitude then hopefully things will get back to some kind of normality, eventually.
I am fortunate that I live in a fabulous mountain and woodland environment with huge areas of wild spaces for solitude. That will be my escape from the madness of panic buying and chaos.
I am also thankful my needs for pubs, restaurants and other 'socialising' venues is something I can quite happily live without.
Tarmachan Mountaineering will still continue has a guiding business and I will of course take advanced bookings. I am just in a pause mode.
One thing is certain. When the world gets back to normal then the outdoors, walking, mountains and wildlife will be even more important for the mind and soul.
Keep safe and look after one another. Of course my blog will continue to bring some of the Highlands wonderful scenery into your home.
Best wishes and good health.

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