Wednesday, 16 September 2020



We're into a settled spell of weather last few days here in the Cairngorms. On Monday it was quite warm, Summer like in the Northern Corries but with Autumn colours. I don't see Golden Plover in this area very often, so was nice to spot a group of 4 in Coire an Lochain and another small group high up above Coire Ciste today. 

After a dull and wet morning yesterday it turned out to be a lovely afternoon. I took a late wander up to my usual Mountain Hare Photography spot in the Monadhliath. Sometimes with wildlife it all comes together. I got to my 'favorite' Hare spot just as the wonderful late afternoon light was at its finest. The Mountain Hare was very relaxed and taking it easy in the sun. Crossed legs and dozing..A few stretches, scratches and then some munching, finally some posing.  Brilliant!

Today I had a wander up to the area North of Cairn Gorm summit. All pathless and beautifully quiet. Another change in temperature this morning. It was a chilly wind, 3 layers, hat and gloves job. The cloud was down to around 800m so conditions not great for seeing wildlife. I saw my first geese flying South above the Cairngorms this morning. Later on, high up,  I got to find one lone Ptarmigan. Surprisingly he looked like he was getting into his Winter plumage, quite early as we are still in Autumn. Then again it is October in a couple of weeks and the first snows may well fall on high ground.

The snow patch in Ciste Mheared is still holding on but diminishing slowly. The sun finally broke through about 1pm and the temperature went up as the winds eased. Surprisingly I have seen Trailing Aazalia still in flower at various places on the plateau above 900m. This beautiful flower blooms in late May and is normally finished by August.

A few more photographs from the last few days.

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