Thursday, 3 September 2020



It was a changable day with weather. I set out in the dry but cloud was well down to around 600m. By mid morning there was some steady, light rain. Definitely not weather for any kind of photography, especially wildlife. Never mind photographing it, I couldn't even see more than 50 metres in front. The forecast suggested 'sunshine and 40% chance of showers' so I persevered and trudged around in cloud for a couple of hours. By mid day the cloud blew away for a couple of hours and some beautiful sunshine, that's more like it!

The Mountain Hare were plenty today and very active, even in rain, wind and cloud! hen the sun came out and visibility improved I managed to confide in 3 separate Mountain Hares in 3 different  locations. Spending a good 30-40 minutes with each individual. Pure bliss. There were at least 2 leverets still aabout. 

A big black cloud came drifting over from the East for another downpour. Time to go home. 
Just before getting back to the bike there were a load of Pheasants and their young offspring about. I caught a couple of shots whilt the were hiding about in the heather. The last of the ling Heather is just fading now but still vibrant enough for some photographs.

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