Saturday, 19 December 2009


A lot of snow fell to low levels today here in The Highlands and it was a wildish day on Aonach Mor with a strong and very cold NW. Cintia is out with me for the next four days on a winter skills course. Cintia has come over from Brazil  and this is the very first time she has seen snow, never mind walking in the stuff! She coped well with the cold conditions, average winter temperature where she lives is plus 26 degrees centigrdae! Today we covered core winter skills, moveing on snow and ice, axe arrests and walking on some steeper ground. We where up on The Nid area, taking advantage of half price gondola fares today has it's Nevis Ranges' 20th Birthday, unfortunately all the free cake on offer had been gobbled up by the time we got back to the gondola this afternoon. Excellent mix of water ice, frozen snow and windslab today, perfect winter skills terrain. Much more snow is forecast over the next few days with constant snow showers to low levels, low temperatures and high winds. Brilliant!

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Anonymous said...

I hope it saves some snow for Feb!