Thursday, 24 December 2009


What a glorious day again in the West Highlands. Paul and I were up on Aonach Beag today with no one in sight on this fantastic weather day.  Paul 'escaped' the trappings of Christmas to catch a beautiful clear skies and no wind day with me today. It is still hard work trail breaking in the powder snow but in places there is wind blown areas were the excellent older hard snow is lying, admittidly most of the day was spent ploughing in deep snow, but hey on days like this it's worth every bit of sweat. Good excercise for those muscles too! We were rewarded with superb views all day, taking the route upo from Glen Nevis via the south tops and ridges. The falls at Steal are almost in condition, one or two more days and the ice should be formed. This is the third time this week up Aonach Beag-you can never tire of this route with days like this.

Merry Christmas!

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