Friday, 25 December 2009


Another fabulous day with clear skies and very little wind, in fact totally windless on the summit by mid day. Ben Nevis was deserted today, well at least for a wee while (why was that?). Not many days were you can stand at the summit with views like these and not a sole around and no footprints in the snow. The was a light wind first thing this morning with some drifted snow blowing. The Pony track is now well banked out and above 1000m it is completely buried. If venturing up here over the next few days then sound navigation skills will be needed as the skies won't always be like this! It was hard going again in the unconsolidated snow with only the occasional old, hard neve exposed. A couple of guys had just done Ledge Route when I was descending.


Anonymous said...

C'mon wer waiting to see u climb the waterfall!

Gary said...

No one to climb with-they're all stuffing them selves silly and getting tanked up!