Saturday, 3 April 2010


What a difference a day makes, after yesterday's wonderful sparkling weather we were back to low cloud, poor visability and a few snow showers in the morning. My group today had their first winter hillwalk experience on Ben Nevis. All did well with a time of 8 hours. A better day tomorrow hopfully then a bit wet and windy Monday.


Lou said...

Hi Gary!!!Thank you so much for an AMAZING day on Saturday!! I have never pushed myself so hard and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge! Big Hi to Lucy, Peter, Bruce, Akmrad, Keith and my dear frined all made my day!Wonderful people and a cherished memory!! Hope to come back to Fort William in the Summer!!
Much love to you all and once again,Thank you.
Lou xxx

Gary said...

Hi Lou

We were all thinking of you and Jo on Sunday as you would have loved the sunshine & the views as well as the wire bridge crossing!, we were sunbathing in the snow! Well done you all and it was great meeting you both, hope to see you again in the future. Best wishes. Gary x

ps You can put a comment on my website if you wanted, there is a dedicated page there now.

Lou said...

Ahh... we would have really enjoyed that!! It's a shame we couldn't make it... we all bonded really well didn't we. Jo and I wished we could have stayed a few days longer! We are back at work and missing Scotland so much! You will definitely see us in the future.
until next time
take care Gary
Lou x
ps will post a comment on your website

Gary said...

Hi Lou
Thanks so much for your lovely comments.
The Ben was looking wonderful today-see blog, it's 'the other side of The Ben' You'd love the CMD arete route.

keith said...

Hi Gary,
A quick thanks to you, Jon and the group for the great time I had over the Easter weekend. Ben Nevis was exhilerating, the weather kind and the following day's walk punished my calf muscles. Good old Helley Henson kept me toast warm throughout.I hope to return to the highlands again. Cheers Keith

Gary said...

Hi Keith
Thanks, it was a pleasure and pleased you enjoyed it, despite calf muscles feeling it-no pain no gain as they say! Hope to see you in the future