Thursday, 29 April 2010


A warmish period the last few days, with rain and showers thrown in. Biking and hill  running (in a fashion)  today up on the hills east of Crauch Inse, near Spean Bridge. Cnap Cruin at only 742m and totally pathless made a nice day out combined with a bike ride from the house along the Caledonian Canal. Great to have a light rucsac and running shoes on after big boots & ironmongary. These lower hills are great in this kind of weather as it was always out of the cloud today and so views always constant. Spring I think is finally here, flowers out with Wood Anemone in profusion. Birds enjoying the warmer weather, lots of Curlews lower down and two pairs of Golden Plover up on the hill. Guranteed to see no one on these lower hills, only soul I saw today was this guy in the picture above! He's standing looking across the open fields above Corriechoille. Someones spent a while making him, any one know the artist and why? Looks like colder conditions for a few days over the weekend and even some snow on the higher tops before settled conditions by Sunday.

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