Thursday, 15 April 2010


A slightly cooler day on Ben Nevis today. I went for a wander up No.4 Gully, the snow wasn't too soft and quite firm high up. Only a handful of fallen rocks in the gully. The early cloud soon cleared and it was another glorious afternoon. The footprints are really close to the edge of the cornice on Gardyloo Gully right now, as can be seen on the last photo-folk even walking there in clear weather! It was quite amusing on the descent, two people followed me down the Red Burn (was this there desired route?), the giggles and chatting stopped for a while at the steeper section and there was mutterings and shrieks on the traverse out at the bottom! That time of year I suppose. Another cracking day in store tomorrow befor a change to cooler and even snow showers at the weekend.

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