Tuesday, 1 November 2011


A beautiful sunny day at last. After all the wet and windy weather recently it was such a nice feeling to have the sun on my face and no waterproofs. I had a wander up Aonach Beag & Aonach Mor from Upper Glen Nevis. This is the finest walking route up to this Munro, taking in the south tops along the way.  The colours are beautiful at the moment and with the sun out it was even better. There was a stiff breeze and feeling cooler than the last few days. The cloud kept coming and going through the day for atmosphere. When I got down to the bealach between the two hills I spotted a few rucksacks just down in the gully on the East face. It must only be someone measuring the surviving snow patch I thought, sure enough Atila and his sons were down at the patch. It looks like it could well disappear this year if the cool weather and some snow doesn't arrive soon. I had a good chat with Atila on the way up to Aonach Mor summit where we got a brief snow shower. Then it was all downhill to the bottom of the Nevis Range Gondola. A fine beginning to November.

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