Monday, 14 November 2011


Unbelievably we have had almost two weeks of  long sunny spells and dry weather, in November! The temperatures were high once again and the sun shone merrily most of the day in the west. The big high pressure sitting over most of Europe is producing SE winds and holding back the Atlantic fronts as well as bringing in warm air.  It was a bit breezy along Ledge Route today but there is plenty of rock to hold on to and it made it a wee bit more exciting. The visibility was really clear, Skye in the distance looking good. There as been a bit of controversy the last couple of weeks regarding the marker post at the top of No.4 Gully. Apparently someone had uprooted it and chucked it partway down No.4 Gully a few days ago but today it was re erected. The John Muir Trust had recently announced/proposed an consultation about it being  removed in keeping with their policies on 'wild land'. I guess someone wanted to do the job for them. I suppose there isn't going to be an answer to please everyone. It was a very pleasant walk down, so quiet and such beautiful weather. Even the ptarmigan know it's getting quiet as I spotted a couple just off the Pony Track. A couple of more nice days to come  in the West Highlands before the South  Westerlies return with rain, hopefully snow if the temperatures drop. Make the most of it, get out and enjoy it NOW!

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