Tuesday, 22 November 2011


It was a stunningly beautiful winter's morning in Lochaber. Just a small weather window to appreciate what is to come for winter. There was a temperature inversion today with the top of the cloud at about 250m and above clear skies. The rain last night had turned to snow above 850m in the cooler temperatures and a light dusting of quite icy snow looked fabulous. The Carn Mor Dearg arete had a good coating of rime ice in places and was passable with care and without crampons. The cloud did roll in in the afternoon as another weather front was coming in from the SW. The Southerly wind whipped up too and there was even loose snow getting blown about. A windchill today with freezing level around 1000m I would say, all in all a grand winters day. Forecast for much more by the end of the month.

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