Thursday, 1 December 2011


The last couple of days it's been raining and strong winds but on the mountains snow has been getting deposited and today the clouds lifted to reveal the white stuff. I took a wander up into the Ciste Corrie on The Ben , snow at 500m and even ice on the Allt a' Mhuillin path with ice starting to form even on the CIC Cascades. The crags are pretty white and high up in the corrie there are deposits of snow to a depth of 30cm in places. There were constant snow showers today and the tops only cleared occasionally. Saw not a soul all day, no footprints up to the CIC Hut so I presume there was no one on the North Face. Peace shattered on the way down, two choppers buzzing about, Royal Navy and unusual to see what I thought was an Royal Army chopper? Olive green coloured. Maybe the army were checking out the snow conditions? down at 400m on the path out I nearly tripped over some young red deer, grazing and wandering across the path, great. Forecast sub freezing temps at sea level tonight and more snow to come over the weekend. I think winter as definitely come and coincided with the official start of Winter-1st December.

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