Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Remaining snow on The Mamores today
After one of the warmest, wettest Christmas periods I can remember it was a welcome relief to feel a bit chilly today and temperatures back to 'normal' single digits. It rained non stop from Christmas Eve daytime right through to early hours of this morning. With gales at low levels and  hurricane force winds on the tops (if you could get there!) it really was a depressing time to be out on the hills. Thankfully the temperatures and freezing levels will  be dropping for a few days and snowfall down to lower levels so looking hopeful for a return to winter! There are still big areas of snow on The Ben, Aonach Mor and The Mamores. We did get out over the Christmas period on some low level walks in the rain and wind, a good chance to test out any waterproof Christmas pressies for outdoor enthusiasts!

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