Sunday, 11 December 2011


Plenty of ice in the Ciste
Great fun on steep ground
Hasty pit below No.5 Gully
CIC Cascades
It was  different kind of weather on Ben Nevis's north face for Will and Tom's second winter skills day. We had snow showers and a strong SW wind this morning but the showers died out by afternoon. The temperature had risen last night then it cooled down again today. It was hard going in places in the Ciste Corrie with fresh snow on top of already unconsolidated snow. Today we covered avalanche awareness and movement on steep ground. There are some good iced up crags around but the turf wasn't quite frozen. There  was some avalanche debris out of No.5 Gully. The Curtain is starting to form on Carn Dearg Buttress and plenty of ice in other places too. We discovered a few cm's of soft wind slab in  the pack and a weak layer at around 40cm. There were a few teams of climbers heading down earlier this morning and it was really quiet toady, a mix of not good climbing conditions and the road closure at Corran Ferry? Plenty more snow and high winds to come in the coming week.

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