Monday, 3 December 2012


The ice hunters
Jono on steep ground
This steeper section is usually well banked out with snow lataer in the season
Just make out The Douglas Boulder behind
After our wonderful sunny and fabulous views trip yesterday, today the guys  experienced a more 'normal' Scottish winter day out. From the word go we had snow falling at a steady rate from virtually sea level. It was the guys second winter skills day with me and we covered steep ground, crampon technique and avalanche awareness in The Ciste Corrie on Ben Nevis. We saw no one all day and seemed to have the place to ourselves. Any ice was buried under the deep snow but we found some nice wee nooks and crannies to go through the basics of crampon technique. We made our way up to the foot of No. 5 gully and went through avalanche awareness, looking at hasty pits and rutchblock tests. The temperatures had risen today but higher up the hill it was still below freezing. The guys are off on their own for the next couple of days, planning a two day wild camping trip in Lochaber. Well done guys and look forward to hear about your expedition.

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