Saturday, 22 December 2012


Sean demonstrating the bucket seat & axe belay
Looking across to Lurcher's Crag from our sheltered location
Stomper belay
Lunch time snow shelter
Another gale force winds day, with  forecast  wind speeds in excess of 60mph it ruled out getting anywhere near the summits today. Sean, Brodie and I decided on heading up through the Larig Ghru and underneath Lurcher's Crag for their second winter skills day. We were well sheltered in the forest but as we came out onto the open hillside we got the full force of the gales and rain/sleet/snow. After struggling for a while we found a nice sheltered ravine and a good, well banked out steep snow slope near Carn Odhar at a lowly 700m.  We did some basic snow belays and dug ourselves a wee snow hole for lunch. The rain turned to snow above 650m and I'd think some big drifts will be forming high up. Thankfully a wee bit calmer tomorrow and even a bit of sunshine in the afternoon!

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