Friday, 7 December 2012


It's been a much windier week and with snowfall most days here in The Cairngorms. Today Karen and I had a quick afternoon hill day on Meall a' Buachaille. This great wee hill in summer has a nice path up from a couple of sides but in winter and on a day like today they were well covered in windblown snow. Must have been a good winter day as we needed the compass to get off the summit in near white out conditions. The high winds today and last few days have blown a lot of the  unconsolidated snow off the tops so much easier to walk on at the moment. The temperatures have risen recently so good for some freeze/thaw to consolidate the snow pack but it's been sub zero on the higher summits still. As we made our way down to Ryvoan Bothy there was a nice family of Reindeer roaming about outside the bothy so we had our afternoon tea with them.

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