Monday, 2 December 2013


Coire an Lochain from The Great Slab
Looking up to No.4 Buttress
Coire an Lochain
There was another mild 'blip' yesterday which wiped out the fresh snow that was on the hills Friday and Saturday. Despite this there is still snow and ice in the corries. Today I took a wander into Coire an Lochain to see what was left. The crags were black but there is still ice hanging on higher up in some of the gullies. I was thinking of heading up The Couloir but there wasn't enough snow/ice to make it worth while. What snow there is was hard and crunchy. There looked hardly anything in Coire an t-sneachda. The strong winds were picking up as the day wore on, feeling cold despite it being a southerly wind. Thankfully we will be getting a cold snap and Thursday is looking like a big dump of snow to lower altitudes

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