Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Capercaillie on the attack!

Out of the woods, fresh snow even at lower altitudes
The Cairngorms looking breezy
Can I go now please?
Much colder overnight and a frosty morning in Aviemore. There was lovely clear skies to the west whilst The Cairngorms had cloud cover much of the day. There had been a dusting of fresh snow to around 600m with a strong W wind. I had a short run up through the forest and onto the lower lying hills near Aviemore this afternoon and was in sunshine for most of the time. I had the privilege on the way back home to come across that most elusive and rarest of birds, The Capercaille . The last time I saw a Capercaille was some years ago and only a fleeting glimpse. This boy though was guarding his lek against anything and anyone and guarded the path down through the trees! It was amazing to spend over 30 minutes at close quarters with this guy. I eventually 'escaped' him only by avoiding eye contact and making a large detour through the pines when I came upon a mountain hare in full white coat in the undergrowth, absolutely wonderful! A real treat and less than an hour from the hustle and bustle of Aviemore. Looking like a good dump of snow tomorrow and some very high winds, even at lower levels. Very well timed for my first client this season on a winter course for Friday.

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