Thursday, 26 December 2013


Bruce heading down to Loch Avon Basin, some areas excellent hard snow
Bruce's first view of Shelter Stone, I'm sure he'll be back!
Ice forming on Stag Rocks
Lovely clear period at mid day
Hells Lum Crag in the back ground
Boxing Day Bunny (well Blue Hare to be precise)
After the very high winds over the last few days we finally got a break in the weather and today was calm with only very light winds. Bruce was out with me, wanting a recap on some winter skills but also looking for an adventure. With the very high winds and snow fall recently many areas had a fair amount of windslab. After a discussion and recap on avalanche awareness we decided to head over to the Loch Avon basin and have a look at an easy gully on Stag Rocks, Diagonal Gully is an easy Grade 1 route but very scenic. Dropping down from Coire Domhain it was clear that even southern aspects still had weak layers and windslab. We dug a couple of hasty pits and indeed there was an easy shear so our gully was saved for another day. It's still a wonderful spot with superb views of Shelter Stone and Hells Lum. Ice was forming on the crags and everything is looking great, although another high winds day in store tomorrow.

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