Monday, 17 March 2014


Great snow for glissading down the northern slopes of Braeriach
Loch Coire an Lochain, with plenty avalanche debris
Looking west to Sgor Gaoithe
5 minutes of clear views and sun, after I got down!

Early morning shafts of sun in Aviemore were a bit of a false hope but Braeriach it was today. It was very mild on the bike-in to Glen Einich and then rain showers off and on through out the day with wet snow above 1000m. The snow up the northern flanks was great for walking and no crampons required. There as been snow loss up at the boulder area near Loch Coire an Lochain but the lochan itself is still iced. One of the loneliest spots in the Cairngorms and a lovely place for solitude with only the ptarmigan for company. There is a big avalanche crown wall running just below the crags here from a recent slab avalanche which can just be seen on my photo. A great glissade all the way down the northern slopes on the way back. The cloudbase stuck at around 1000m most of the day, that was until I got back to the bike when the tops cleared for 5 minutes! Looks like a cold spell coming at the end of the week so it should all freeze up nicely again.

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