Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Ready to go soon! Anyone for The Couloir?
Crevassed Coire an Lochan
Definitely Spring in Allt Mor
A lot of snow gone but colder conditions from  tomorrow
Another very mild day but at least it was dry and some lovely morning sunshine. That dreaded W word was here again. Don't put the winter gear away as it's forecast to get much colder from tomorrow and fresh snowfall. The lower slopes of the Cairngorms have seen a big depletion of the snow pack but high in the corries and on the plateau there is still huge amounts of snow. It was a beautifully Spring like day biking up Glenmore this morning and I continued up the Allt Mor path before a run up into Coire an Lochain. It's an almost Alpine scene in the corrie at the moment with what look like huge seracs breaking away on the notorious 'Great Slab' The only thing that wasn't Alpine was the winds, at 1000m it was gusting to 80-90mph but 'bearable' compared to recent days or am I just getting immune to the gales? There were lots of other white moving things today as well as the snow, I must have counted 10 mountain (blue) hares bouncing around the moraines but again no humans to be seen. I'm sure there is a lot more of winter to come, just hold on tight!

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