Wednesday, 26 March 2014


The fabulous Munro of Sgorr Ruadh
Central Couloir is the big obvious gully splitting the two buttresses
Alpine in so many ways
Near the top with Beinn Liath Mhor in the distance
The fine view of Liathach and Loch Torridon from the summit
Looking down one of the steeper gully lines
The north ridge of Sgorr Ruadh makes a fine circuit
Fuar Toll
Probably the best day this week and with fine weather I headed to the NW to one of the finest mountain areas in the UK, Torridon. Well strictly speaking Coire Lair, between Glen Carron and Glen Torridon. If you ever tire of walking up from Achnashellach train station into Coire Lair then I'm sorry to say you should just give up hillwalking! I was down to just a base layer for most of today, it was summer like but winter is not over and I had plans for a snowy gully, Central Couloir which is an easy graded I gully, the obvious big fault line splitting the main buttress of Sgorr Ruadh. You don't get to see it until well up into  Coire Lair. It was soft snow  all the way up and didn't require crampons. Spectacular scenery either side and nothing falling off in the warm temperatures. No cornice problems at the top and  back into hot sun  with magnificent views from the summit looking over to the big Torridon peaks and just a light breeze on top. The north ridge down gives beautiful views  and eventually back to the stalkers path in Coire Lair. Stunning day.

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