Thursday, 18 June 2015


Osprey, the highlight of todays bike ride
Glen Feshie and Loch Utah
Great single track biking along Glen Feshie
Nest building in June?
Loch Insh
Lots of Bearberry in flower
Taking off again
Why does that Osprey get all the attention?
Even when the weather is gloomy and the hills are clagged in with cloud there is so much to do in The Cairngorm National Park. There are many trails and tracks for brilliant biking in the area. Today I was up Glen Feshie and to the quiet Lochan Utah. A lovely spot, hidden away in the Caledonian trees and a haven for dragonflies. Unfortunately the dragonflies are a bit late in buzzing about this summer with the cool conditions no doubt. Highlight was on the way home where I spotted that beautiful of birds, the Osprey. This was in a new location unknown to me which made it even more special. I was intrigued as this fella was collecting nest building material and not fishing? In mid June? A great end to a lovely day. And no rain!

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