Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Not much in the way of fine mountain views
Camp in the clag
Beyond this lump of concrete is the profile of the finest mountain on the planet
With the promise of a fine morning in the NW Highlands, I took the tent high up onto An Teallach in the hope of a super sunrise on the finest mountain on this planet. Unfortunately the weather gods had other plans. On Monday night I was camped at 850m surrounded by thick clag and fine drizzle. It was also the night of an High alert for an Aurora. Even if it was clear skies it would be difficult to see this wonderful spectacle as being this far north it never gets dark, being only one day after the Summer Solstice. This mornings view from the tent was similar to the scene last night. I headed onto the ridge early morning in hope of at least the cloud lifting. No such luck. That's the way the cookie crumbles I guess. Of the countless times I've been on An Teallach, today rates as the worst ever for views, as the photos will testify! Maybe July is when our summer arrives?

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