Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Warm rock, hot sun, no wind :)
Fiacaill Ridge in profile
Approaching the hardest section on the Fiacaill Ridge
The parmigan are enjoying the sun too
Coire an t-sneacda, the Goat Track loosing snow
Looking across to Sgor Gaoithe and Coire an Lohain
More ridge fun
and the start
Looking more like June snow in Coire an t-sneacda
Everyone loves a ptarmigan
The high pressure system that has been sitting over much of the UK has been frustrating. Most parts of the Highlands haven't received the warmth and blue skies until today! The sun was warm, the winds were non existant on the tops and it was a glorious day to be out. The Fiacaill Ridge is a fine way to get onto the Cairngorm plateau and usually very quiet in the summer months, or even empty like today. The warmer temperatures have reduced a lot of the snow and its looking more like what June snow levels normally are. The Goat Track is still snowy but there are now only a few patches across to Macdui. Apparently we were the warmest part of the UK today, about time! :)

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