Saturday, 1 August 2015


A nice sunny and warm start
This looks ominous
Wet, cloudy, windy and almost hailstone on the top
Of cours it clears up on the way down
Good weather earlier in the day for the local glider club
The day started off well with a warm sun, clear skies and grand views. As the forecast indicated, we were in for something wet by the middle of the day. Perfectly timed for us as we made the top of Sgor Gaoithe just about the wettest and coldest part of the day. A strong SW bringing plenty of rain which was on the brink of turning to hailstone. We thought we may get the afternoon sun on the bike ride back down Glen Feshie but we ended up getting an even wetter soaking all the way home. Then there was negotiating the crowds drifting from the Aviemore pubs back to the music festival which was interesting on the bikes. Good day that. Tomorrow it's back out to Chamonix and looking like high temperatures again in The Alps.

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