Sunday, 30 August 2015


Rock climbing on the Aguillete
Last of the Ultra Trail runners
Aguille Rouge, where's the ibex?
Aguille de Tour
Aiguillette and Mont Blanc range
Fun on The Ladders
The Aiguillette de Argeniere
This guy still hanging on with his sense of humour
Unfortunately this guy looked wasted
Back in the Chsmonix valley for probably last stint this summer. Nice to have time off before work. Had a wander up to Lac Blanc via The Ladders and caught the tail enders of the Ultra Trail ( The run around the TMB). Some really wiped out folk in the heat. I used to see Ibex every time I walked in the Aguille Rouge area bit this year not a single one.maybe it was all the runners today. Respect to all the competitors. Not for me!

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