Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Looking down onto Loch Avon from Stag Rocks
Shelterstone Crag
Looking west from Cairn Gorm
Loch Avon
Reindeer grazing again
Cairn Gorm across Sneachda
Sun kissed rocks
Fury Antlers
Fiacaill Ridge in afternoon sun
By late morning the weather front had passed by and we got another nice afternoon here in The Cairngorms. I had a blast up to Cairn Gorm then over to the lip of the Loch Avon basin. Some lovely views and a sense of remoteness here. The ground was dry and lush. I don't know if the reindeer were following me or I was stalking them but all the way along the plateau edge I came across three groups of them all happily grazing away in the sun. Went out in the hope of seeing the Dotterel but none today. May well have all flown to foreign shores now. A few snow bunting on Cairn Gorm summit. The wind strengthened markedly by mid afternoon and was approaching 50mph at times. Still it was a warm southerly and I escaped the battering by descending the Goat Track. A fine day out.

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