Thursday, 15 October 2015


Mountain Hare, Cairngorm plateau
Coire an Lochain
The ptarmigan are getting whiter by the day
Coire an Lochain
...........some faster than others
The 'whitest' wee fella I saw today
High pressure firmly in charge over The Highlands still. Cold, clear nights and there was cloud in Strath Spey this morning. Just a hundred metres or so up into Glenmore and into beautiful clear skies. A leisurely day for some wildlife watching on The Cairngorm plateau today. The ptarmigan are really starting to get into their winter plumage now. Some are looking very white and all geared up for the first snow falls. I spent an hour or so in Coire an Lochain, getting some photos of this hardy mountain bird. Up on the plateau and that elusive of mammals (for me to photograph), the Mountain Hare. I finally got a nice photo of him, though he always had his eyes on me I am sure. More settled, sunny, windless conditions right through to the weekend at least.

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