Sunday, 4 October 2015


Winter is coming, the patarmigan getting their winter coats ready
Fiacaill Ridge in profile
This place wont see the sun for a long time now
Another glorious day in Strathspey
Ptarmigan staying low in todays stiff breeze
Bags of sun and blue skies for yet another day. A week of fine, unseasonably hot weather in The Highlands. It was a lot colder and strong winds above 800m today and definitely a hat and gloves day on the tops. Even the ptarmigan were nestling out of the wind in the boulders of Coire an Lochain. Their winter plumage just starting to show now so not long before the winter then? A fine day to be out with plenty of folk in Glenmore and out on the Cairngorm mountains. I think the waterproofs may be coming out of the rucksack next week :(

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