Monday, 26 October 2015


The lovely Coire Dondail & Glen Einich
The nice wee scramble on the bounding ridge of the coire
A great sky for the bike out
Brilliant cloud today
The waterfall at the headwall of Coire Dondail
Love Autumn
The sun was back out over The Cairngorms this afternoon, milder than the last couple of days so any snow now melting away. It was a windy morning and the bike ride up Glen Einich was hard going in the strong SW. This when o the foot of Braeriach is always a treat and a great way to get onto the UK's third highest mountain. The lovely path up to the lonely and remote Coire Dondail is a pleaurse and soon gets you high on the mountain. There is a short, chossy scramble that bounds the coire on the right hand side which is a good way onto the plateau. It's still a long walk to the summit from here. The bubbling cloud from the morning had broken up and the afternoon was glorious. It's virtually all downhill on the bike back down Glen Einich with a superb sky infront. The days are so short now, a bike really does help on the long walk-ins.

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