Saturday, 30 January 2016


A good covering of snow even at low levels
Just the odd window of dry weather this afternoon
Stormy and snowy
Aviemore golf course, it's not a lake, it's the Spey
Nice views
This winter as had it's ups and downs. One minute it's an heatwave, next we got a big dump of snow and a cold, windy blast. Overnight and into today we have had a big dump of snow down to glen level. Very high winds up on the tops and blizzards. We had a nice wander over to Boat of Garten from Aviemore today. There was very poor visibility even at low levels. After some sustenance at the Boat it was a drier spell of weather on the return journey. I'd imagine it would have been epic up on the summits in The Cairngorms today. Working on  Braeriach tomorrow, thankfully a brief interlude in the storms before 'Henry' turns up on Monday!

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