Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Assessing the avalanche conditions
Hard work in soft, deep snow
Time for a break
Decision making and interpretation of the Avalanche report
Near white out for some accurate navigation
Sliding and stopping
Not many folk out today, plenty of locals
Steep ground, soft snow
More snowfall over the last 24 hours. The ski road up to Coire Cas and Cairngorms was closed until late morning today. So rather than wait we decided to hoof it up the road to the Ciste Carpark (probably wont be the first time this season). Liah is out with me on a 4 day skills course. Today we crammed in lots of vital skills. They were, and not in any particular order: Avalanche assessment, axe and boot skills, navigation, snow shelters, axe arresting, snowman building. It was virtual white out conditions above about 800m. The winds were light, the snow falling was light. It wasn't that bad a day. Liah was doing all the navigation today and coped admirably in the conditions. She has her Silver DofE award. Looks good conditions tomorrow


hackney geezer said...
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hackney geezer said...

im interested in the avalanche pie chart info as im now going a bit higher in the cairngorms in winter, any chance you could give a basic outline sometime?

Gary said...

Hi Hackney. If you go to the SAIS website there is lots of info on there. You could also book on one of my courses for lots of practical skills :)