Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Poor visability on Cairn Lochain
Today, these were essential
......so was this
Top of Alladains Couloir
Plenty rime ice
The only living thing I saw on the plateau today
At last the winter seems like it is here to stay after so many false starts this season. The last few days the temperatures on the higher areas of The Cairngorms have been below freezing and the easterly winds have been bringing snowfall to the eastern ranges. There snowline was around 600m today and above about 800m there was poor visibility. Not many views today. There is soft wind slab on westerly slopes, the plateau has a great mix of water ice, rime and neve. To get round the Northern Corries  crampons, goggles and map & compass were all needed. It was near white out on Cairn Lochain. The next few days is forecasted to be windier, colder and more snowfall. Yes please!

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