Thursday, 29 September 2016



Bivvy, An Teallach
Camping at Loch Avon
Excellent torch with a compass at other end to get you out of trouble

Camping on the Cairngorm plateau

Rain and high winds today means it's gear review time again folks!
Over the summer I've been trying out a piece of gear from VSSL Utility Tools . The Canadian company produce high quality LED torches. Todd Weimer, the founder of the company, kindly sent me one of their best selling and multi functional torches, The VSSL Supplies model. The superior quality of the torch is obvious as soon as you handle it. Constructed from military spec extruded  aluminium, this unit will take some battering. The hand held torch is multi functional. As well as the powerful LED's for lighting, the model also has an oil filled compass at the opposite end. The two ends screw off and inside the casing there are neatly fitting useful items including a long life candle, first-aid supplies, water purifying tabs and tinder/ fire starters amongst a few more items for survival in the outdoors.
I took the VSSL out on a few overnight trips including  wild camping and bivvying. The torch is very powerful and gives a great beam of light for walking in darkness. I also used the 4 hour burn time candle several times and this seemed to cope well in a breeze.
The VSSL Supplies model would be ideal for Bush craft courses with plenty of gizmo's in there to keep you safe in the wilds.
The VSSL Flask model looks good, I wonder if it comes with a wee dram inside? :)

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