Sunday, 18 September 2016


Dan and Frank enjoying the ridge

Scrambling in the breeze

Fiacaill Ridge

Coire an t-sneachda

Great cloud formations

Taking it easy in the sun

The top

East was best today

Getting my feathers ruffled
The great weather continues today. The Eastern Highlands fairing much better than the west with sunshine up to mid afternoon. I gave Dan a helping hand with scrambling and route finding today on The Fiacaill Ridge. It was  a nice 'Cairngorm breeze' up high which makes the easy scrambling a wee bit more intimidating but the winds weren't a problem and definitely a welcome thing to keep the dreaded midge away. Mind you it was only 2-3 degrees overnight so this will help kill them off.  Great sky scapes today. We had lenticular clouds this morning which got even more spectacular as the approaching weather front from the west mixed up the cloud and clear skies, really quite beautiful. The ptarmigan were quite vocal on the descent into the corries and nice to see them getting into their Autumn plumage. Another good day tomorrow by the looks of things and quiet, mainly dry conditions till midweek.

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