Monday, 5 September 2016


I can't actually remember the last time it rain for any length of time this summer in The Alps. A good indication of what a superb Alpine Season it as been. When we walked out of the Refugio Combal this morning I was half expecting to get a real drenching.  The forecast hinted at have rain,the hut staff said similar. We were actually very luck as it ended up just a bit of light drizzle now and again with sun and heat back by early afternoon.  We set off up the high level Route above beautiful Val Veni. This ranks as one of the grandest days on the TMB with fine views of Mont Blanc. We didn't get to see the entire mountain but it was very atmospheric with a gorgeous,  full rainbow above the valley all morning. An unusual sight I would say. We all rolled into Courmayeur for a well deserved ice cream from the legendery Gelato shopping in town. Then I remembered Courmayeurs summer finished 1st September, ie no ice cream :(

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