Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Sue on her first glacier crossing
Yanik,  Sue & Bridget heading up the Arolla Glacier 
The lower reaches
The beautiful Comba d'Oren Valley leading to Praraya 
The odd crevasse to negotiate 
The fourth day of the Tour of the Matterhorn and it gets even more exciting.  From Arolla we headed over the Swiss border into Italy.  The Col Collon lies below the impressive Mont Collon which is so prominent in the views from Arolla. To get to the col requires walking on the Arolla Glacier.  This Glacier retreats at an alarming 20 metres per year! Since I was last on this sheet of ice it has changed a great deal. As an IML I would be out of remit to guide clients on any Glacier.  Therefore I have to hire an IFMGA guide for half a day to guide us up it. I have worked with Yanik many times and he's a super nice guy and great guide. For Bridget & Sue this was their very first experience of walking on a glacier,  they loved every minute. It was a beautiful hot and clear skies day. Great views. The Italian side of the hill is wild and has a raw beauty,
a world of rock and waterfalls. We saw ibex roaming about in the Upper reaches. Once in the meadows there is a beautiful walk down the valley to our remote accommodation for the night. The charming and friendly Refuge Praraya at 2010m. Ace day.
Arolla Glacier & Bouquetins ridge
Morning light 
Heading up to the Col Collon 
The beautiful Lacs de Moulin
The South, Italian side of Col Collon

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