Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Weisshorn from The Meid Pass
Dent Blanche above Zinal
Bishorn & Weisshorn 
Weisshorn Hotel

I've guided the Haute Route many times but never walked the route over the Meid Pass. The usual Route from Zinal to Gruben goes via the Forcletta Col. The beauty of having a small, fit and adventures group like on this trip is they are up for the bigger days. So we headed over the Meid Pass via the Weisshorn Hotel. Fabulous clear skies all day with warmer temperatures than yesterday.  The views out of Zinal are stunning.  The Dent Blanche,  Point de Zinal,  Matterhorn and Zinal Rothorn are all on show in a sweeping seeing circle around the Val d'anniveres.  At our usual elevenses break we were going smacked when a young Golden Eagle was acompanied by the adult, just 50 metres away from us. We watch for a full 5 minutes as they soared at eye level! Then two Alpine Choughs made an appearance but were quickly seen off!  Great stuff. We mingled with the tourists at the Weisshorn Hotel before heading over the pass. The views from here of the Weisshorn's north ridge are superb.  The descent down to Gruben in the Turtmantal was just beautiful in the afternoon sun. Another brilliant day.

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