Thursday, 24 August 2017


The new bridge on the Europaweg 

The Weisshorn 

Ober Gabellhorn & Weisshorn 

The Europaweg 

The Europaweg 


Fabulous views from the trail
The team on the bridge 

Tunnel entrance
The fun bridge 
I've seen the light

Final day of this Haute Route and the sun shone once again. The final leg of our journey sees us walking into Zermatt. The Europaweg is a twisting, exposed and fun trail that hugs the side of the Mattertal above the treeline. The last few years the trail has been closed in several sections because of dangerous rockfall. There have been many bridges crossing the Dorfbach river,all of which have been knicked out. The last year a major construction of a swing bridge spanning almost 500m has been in progress. It eventually opened about 3 weeks ago. The team we're quite eager to walk this and the continuing Europaweg into Zermatt. A new trail starts from.the village of Randa. This new bridge is some sight. It takes 10 minutes to walk it. Soon we left the 'bridge tourists' behind and continued our journey to Zermatt. The bridge was fun but it's the narrow ledges along the traverse that are the real attraction.  Stunning views of the Weisshorn and Ober Gabellhorn and of course the star of the show, the Matterhorn. Unfortunately the cloud filled the skies and this iconic mountain looked a bit grey this afternoon.  When we reached Tufteren it started to rain and thunderstorm. So I wore my waterproofs for the first time on the Tour! 1 hour out of 10 big days. Good going!  A top trek. This last 10 days I have been guiding for Mont Blanc Treks.

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